Working With Angels and Spirit Guides

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I had an email conversation a couple of days ago with Mary from Mary Job about Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. She asked about how I work with mine and I explained a couple of the ways that I do. I told Mary I would do a post about working with our Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides and told her I would post it as soon as possible. It occurred to me that I might have already done one. I looked through my blog list and found two about angels, those posts are here and here but not one about working with them so thank you Mary for being the inspiration for this post! If you have not read any of Mary’s posts follow the link and check out her blog 🙂

Before I get started I must first tell you something I have mentioned before but it’s very important and can’t be stressed enough. Always Protect Yourself! Before beginning any kind of divination, spirit work or spell work you must protect yourself. You are opening a door to a plane that we can’t see. Good and bad exists on this side of the door and it exists on the other also. Before you begin, pray to whatever form of the Godhead you are comfortable with or call on the Archangels, cast a circle or surround yourself with light. However you choose to protect yourself, do it. I generally surround myself with a bubble of white light, this leaves no area open and pray to the Godhead for protection as I do my work. I also call on Archangels and my Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides to be with me to protect and guide me. Depending on the work I am doing I may cast a circle and call the corners.

When working with your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides you need two things. Patience and Consistency. Your Guardian and Guides are never far from you, thinking about them draws them closer. It is their job to help you and guide you but the problem is our energy frequency is much lower than theirs so hearing and understanding them takes time and work.

The simplest and most direct way to work with them is to talk to them, often and about everything. They want to help us and guide us but until we ask they can’t do anything. As you talk to your Guides and Guardian be aware of the thoughts and images that come to you. Be aware of sensations and temperature changes. You may learn to feel their presence around you. In time and with consistent work you will begin to understand what they are trying to say. You may even get to the point where you can audibly hear them talking.

Meditation is another way to work with these beings. I have to be honest this one is difficult for me because I fall asleep Very Easily. Seriously less than a minute and I am out! So traditional meditation just doesn’t work and I have to find other ways to slow my thoughts down and accomplish a meditative state. Washing dishes works well for me, designing jewelry and driving with the radio off also work well. The same thing goes here as with talking to your Guardian and Guides. You want to achieve you meditative state and focus on the issue you wish guidance about. Then wait and see what images and sensations come to you.

A third way is using my Tarot Cards. After protecting myself I will ask my question, shuffle my cards and have a conversation by doing a series of single card draws.

The final way I use to speak to my guides is skrying although there are others. Some people are adamant about calling it dowsing but it’s skrying to me. This is done by using a crystal or some other object, that has been dedicated for this purpose, as a pendulum and asking a series of questions that require a yes or no answer. There is an alternate way that I use this process and it is with a version of a spirit board I found in this really cool little book. I like this process because I can have extended conversations. I begin of course by protecting myself and then saying hello. I can usually tell by the greeting coming back to me which guide has come through.

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Many people are scared of Spirit/Ouija boards. Unfortunately they are sold as a game and that is where the problem arises. Spirit Boards are not a game! In the hands of people who do not know what they are doing bad things can and do happen. They are a tool of divination and must be used the correct way.  This leads into my final point.

Working with Angels and Spirit Guides should always be a positive thing. You should always feel that the energy is coming from a place of love. Your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides are here to love you, protect you and guide you along the path you chose for this lifetime. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, or the energy feels bad. Say a prayer of protection again and tell the Angel to leave. At this point you can either continue the session or end it. If you still feel uncomfortable ground yourself and use some sage to clear the energy of the room.

They will not give you lottery numbers. They will not ever tell you to do anything, they are here to guide you. For example I spent 10 years in a horrible relationship, not once during that time did my Guides tell me to seek a divorce. I had to come to that decision in my own time. Had they told me to and I did divorce him before it was the correct time I might have missed out on a valuable lesson that the relationship was intended to teach me.

I hope this helps. If any of you have questions you are welcome to comment or email me at

Have a fabulous Christmas 🙂

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon


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