Today’s Daily Draw

Father of Fire

Father of Fire

Fire energy is intense and this is out third Fire Card in a row. Are you feeling the energy of change?

The Father of Fire is the visionary and tells you that it is important to stay true to your heart and follow your inner vision. Let the energy of spirit guide you.

Risk being completely yourself. It is time for you to acknowledge your many skills and get moving. You want to overcome the current limitations of your life. So get going! Be bold and take the risk that your spirit is asking you to make.

Of course it is a risk, and it can be scary. Change can be but your future is worth it. Your inner vision and spirit will help you. Make sure you have a solid plan that makes sense. Stay true to yourself and keep focused on your goal.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Daily Draw

  1. I am definitely feeling the energy of change!


    1. Thank you for the nomination. The quote challenge is always fun


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