Today’s Daily Draw

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Small Medicine Wheel

It is interesting that this card is coming so close to the beginning of a new year. The Small Medicine Wheel means big changes ahead. You have learned an important lesson and this cycle is coming to an end. A new one is beginning. The old will now painlessly fall away and if you listen to your intuition you can sence what is coming. Listen to you inner self.

Which of the Totem Animals is speaking to you?
The Eagle in the East watches over you and guides your spiritual growth.
The Coyote in the South helps you develop trust and to pay attention to your feelings in order to find inner balance
The Bear in the West knows the answers to you deepest questions, your feelings and guides you to your truth.
The Buffalo at the North is the symbol of wisdom. He teaches what it means to give and as well as the importance of gratitude.
The White Eagle with her wings spread across the Medicine Wheel is the guardian of the threshold, the protector of the Sacred Medicine Wheel.

Pay attention to the Totem Animals and what they are trying to tell you. The power of the Medicine Wheel will transport you to the next phase of your life. Pay attention to your inner self, to your intuition in order to understand what is coming. Seeing and understanding from a higher perspective will allow you to spend less time on things that do not matter.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Daily Draw

  1. I so enjoy following your blog. Something I think about years past. Had a get together with friends and a few I never knew. Along the way the subject of Tarot card reading.

    So doing it stopped saying I can’t tell you what the cards say. Acted as if it was real bad. Told her I am a big boy curious why she said it. Not like she doesn’t know what she’ doing. As who always try to keep an open mind. Since then often wondered what was that all about.


    1. Hit a wrong key. 😮 I am sorry the young woman stopped the reading. Perhaps she was fairly new at it and didn’t understand fully that there are nno bad cards. Each card and reading is a window into an unknown future. the outcome is totally dependant on the actions taken by the person for whom the reading is done.

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