Today’s Daily Draw

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Medicine Woman ~ Three of Water – Fullness

We had two cards that wanted to be chosen today and I was a little confused at first but the message is clear, so that’s cool!

The Medicine Woman is telling you that you have intuitive ability and it is time to accept that energy from within yourself. It’s time to give these abilities room to grow. It cannot be forced you must allow it room in your life. The more you release the old negative thoughts and give place for the new this ability will grow. Work to recognise your intuitive ability when it speaks, and it will speak clearly to you.

The Three of Water is telling you to celebrate a little. Right now everything is going your way. Everything you have been working toward has come to you or is on its way. So let go of the old, continue to make room in your life for the new and take a moment and celebrate. Be watchful for change we all understand that things change. With the opening of your intuitive ability you may see changes coming and be able to act a bit faster to handle them.

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