Todat’s Daily Draw

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Eight of Water ~ Stagnation
You have so much going on right now and you’re frustrated that some things aren’t working out like you had planned. So you are feeling stuck. This feeling of being stuck, being stagnant, is your energy being block by the tension and expectations that you place on yourself.
Let go of the idea of who you have to be and how you have to feel. The only thing you have to be is who you are and that is a Human Being that is perfectly imperfect but working at the growth process. There is nothing at all wrong with setting the bar high for yourself but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t reach it. Sometimes good is good enough.
Take some time for yourself and let go of the old ideas of who you are or have to be. Turn on the radio and dance around the room, move, get the energy block all loosened up and flowing again.

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