Wednesday Shoutout ~ Tarot Spreads

Hello Everyone! I am glad you are here. The coffee is hot, so grab a cup     and let’s talk Tarot.

Vibrant from blabberwockying! was asking me about the deck I use for the Today’s Daily Draw. If you have never been to his site you should check it out. I enjoy his posts and I think you will too 🙂  I actually have four decks but this one is my “Go to” it’s called Vision Quest and is designed by Gayan S. Winter and Jo Dose` I was shopping for a new deck a couple years ago and since I am Native American on my Father’s side this Native American themed deck just resonated with me.  I love it, the artwork is gorgeous.

We also talked a little bit about tarot spreads and I told him I would share a spread I designed when I began reading Tarot. To be honest with you I have never really used traditional spreads, I’ve never done a Celtic Cross spread. I guess I am a bit of a rebel because I would rather create my own. I never named this one, but the spread discusses current situation, next step and final outcome. I guess I could call it the Pyramid spread, for obvious reasons. I did a reading for myself as an example.

Remember that before doing any kind of divination it is necessary to protect yourself. Any kind of divination is opening a door. You don’t know what can be on the other side. Asking for guidance and protection from whatever source of truth and love you follow can ensure a good and safe reading.

When doing any kind of divination the form of the question is important. A general or vague question is going to give the recipient of the reading a general and vague answer. That is never a satisfactory result. You want your client to be given all the information necessary to make good forward movement based on sound information. Occasionally I have found that there are no words to ask the question that your heart is seeking. In those cases I call upon the clients angels to intervene and continue the spread with the unspoken question.

So to the reading:

The question I asked is “Is my current path heading in the right direction”

   Pyramid Spread

    Bottom row is the current situation

Middle row is the next step needed

Top row is the outcome

 Current Situation:

The first card that came up is the 4 of Earth. This card is about Security. This has always been an issue with me. This card tells me to be aware of what it is that makes me feel safe and reminds me that true security comes from within.

The second card is the 6 of Fire. This card is about victory. It tells me to celebrate how far I’ve come but also tells me that it is a good time to move ahead with something and that it will have a positive result. This is interesting because I am working on a new project. so this is pretty cool!

The third card is the 4 of Fire. This is a card of completion. This card reminds me that everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. I need to let go of the old. Old habits, old thought patterns and old belief systems. In order to allow the new and better into my life.

Next Step:

The first card here is the Mother of Earth. The Mother is Earth tells me that I am cared for and deeply love but that I need to be good to myself, take better care of myself and believe in myself. Pretty good timing I guess, I have a head cold.

The second card here is the 3 of Air. This card is about doubt and fear. Both are killers of a dream. Doubting myself and my abilities has been a problem child for me. This card reminds me that when I shine a light on Doubt and fear I will see that it has no foundation in my life and it will crumble away. I have no need to doubt myself. I am strong. I am talented and I have something to offer the world.


This card is the 2 of Earth: This card is about Harmony. Once I am finished with letting go of the things that no longer serve a purpose in my life. I will move into a deeper state of inner harmony. This will reflect outwardly and affect the changes to my life that I am seeking.

So did the spread answer my question? Yes I believe it absolutely did. I have a little bit of work to do on myself but I am headed in the right direction and I look forward to my project being successful.

Next week I will show you a couple variations of a three card spread that I like. If any of you fine readers has a question you would like to ask and don’t mind the answer being out there for all to see, leave it in the comments and I will choose one or two to use as examples.

See you next time my friends ❤

Blessed Be


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