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Three of Fire ~ Intergrity

Three of Fire ~ Integrity
Ture freedom is found in accepting yourself for who you are. In understanding that your uniqeness, the good and the bad aspects of you, is enough. You don’t have to worry about not getting everything you want if you don’t push yourself. The most important things in life come on their own terms in their oun time. Not because you have done anything to deserve them. You are enough! Allow yourself to be drawn to the people that will help you grow, not to the people that want to change you.

6 thoughts on “Today’s Daily Draw

  1. Excellent… I always wondered why will I bother to make someone change wbo they are. It’s not nice I believe. To become a better person is a wonderful idea though which is a subtle affair.


  2. Yes, when we love someone we love everything about them. The good things as well as the not so good things, but growth and change is an individual thing that must come from within. It can’t be forced. So from a place of love we assist in our loved ones growth. That helps them maintain their oneness and their integrity. Hopefully they do the same for us and that strengthens the bond of love.


  3. Love this, and so true..and I think at times I try to make things happen, like “pull” the strings myself, mess with fate so to speak, and not let things happen naturally and I get myself in this BIG mess…so I needed to hear this;)


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