5 thoughts on “#26DaysofThanksLC

  1. Made me laugh as I just talked to a friend of mine in Switzerland who told me the same thing but also mentioned how everyone is freaking out because it’s not white yet and they are scared that the ski season will not start as early as they like it too…


    1. It wouldn’t bother me a bit if it didn’t snow at all, it will eventually of course, but I can see where people might get scared when there is no snow at a ski resort. That is another matter, you know? It’s people’s livlihoods at stake.

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      1. Well, yes, but they freak out because there’s no snow in November where in the past the resort only opened mid December and we had years where we had no snow then. Now they can produce snow and people can ski… The ones that complain are always the same. It’s never good enough for them, never. And that annoys me so much, because they always complain about something. Very unhappy people…


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