Today was a Win


Chakra Pendant

I had a conversation recently with a co-worker that is going through some relationship issues. We talked for sometime while working on the duties we needed to get done. I listened and let him get his frustrations out and did my best to be supportive and offer advice when he asked. At one point in the conversation I suggested he carry an Amethyst to help him deal with the stress so he could better see and deal with the issues he was up against. I told him that sometimes in order to move forward we need to get out of our own way. I even offered him my Amethyst. (I never leave the house without my favorite crystals!) His response was “A rock is not going to help me!” It’s not the first time I’ve heard that form a closed mind but it is still sad, because they really can.

Let me tell you a story:

Three years ago I seriously injured my back while at work. L3-4-5 were damaged, 4 is sitting at an angle, it occasionally shifts and tweeks my spinal cord a bit. That’s fun! :/  One of the disks between the three vertebrae is totally collapsed and the other is bulging and pressing on the nerve that goes down my left leg. Also loads of fun!!! :/ It was discovered after many scans and Xrays that because L3, 4 and 5 were messed up that my hip joint is also.

For some time after the accident standing without help was impossible and incredibly painful. I was not able to walk without help and stairs…hahahhah…yeah right. Sleeping was an issue as well because laying down hurt more that standing, sitting or walking.

Doctors told me that in order to “Fix” my back and make me whole again I would have to have surgery to install some hardware in order to put my spine back together. After surgery I would require at least 6 months of recovery time mostly laying on my back and then months of Physical Therapy. Well, I am not having any of that!

I asked about other options and was told I could go to pain management classes and live on pain meds the rest of my life. That is absolutely not an option! Being a Reiki Master I asked about Alternative healing options. The Doctors and Insurance people wouldn’t even consider it. (Narrow minded lunkheads)

This put me in a funk for a while but after the lawsuit was finally over, my Dad came for a visit to reminded me of the Never Lessons and I got out of my own way and began my journey back to health. Love those Never Lessons and miss my Dad a lot!!

I made the decision a year ago to stop taking the prescription meds. Either I believe in my ability to heal or I don’t and I also needed step outside my situation so I could “See” clearly. Living on pain meds isn’t going to let me do that. All illness and dis-ease is based in the emotions. Once you get to the root of the issue you can work to heal it. You just have to get out of your way!

My issue is L3, 4 and 5 as well as my hip joint so there are several things going on here

  • L3: is sexual abuse and the self hatred that goes along with it. This is from my childhood and my ex-husband.
  • L4: feeling powerless because of financial or work issues. (Ha! My boss, I had issues)
  • L5: is insecurity and anger (HMM see issue L4!!)
  • Hip joint: is about balance and moving forward
  • Proximity to the Root chakra must also be considered

So what have I done?

I talked to my guides and they gave me a list of crystals to carry that will help my back heal and hip joint heal so I can move forward. The crystals they recommended were:

  • Amethyst: A good overall healing stone. It reduces stress and works within the emotional body to bring you back to center.
  • Citrine: Helps release negative energy and anger and will help with the financial issues.
  • Clear Quartz: A good healing crystal. It will also help me with my Chakra issue and give the group of crystals an energy boost
  • Sunstone: To enhance my Self Reiki sessions
  • Blue Lace Agate: To strengthen and support my skeletal structure
  • Kunzite: To protect my Aura and clear energy blockages
  • Moonstone: Another crystal to work on my Chakras but also a great crystal to help me look within and balance my physical, emotional and intellectual bodies. Allowing me to move forward.

Overall I think they were good choices, they have done wonders for me so far. The emotional issues at the root of this have been dealt with and I am emotionally stronger more balanced and determined to follow my path than I was 3 years ago.

The issue with my Root Chakra is something I have been working on. This is another past life issue. Personal security is huge for me. I really need to know that I am safe. I am real weird about sitting with my back exposed. I am not paranoid about it though, I am just real careful about things sometimes. I have two Chakra Pendants that I wear to help with this. I am almost always wearing one or the other.

Since my accident I have made real progress. I can stand unassisted and move well. At this point there is a limit to the amount of standing I can do, but I can! Walking is not to big an issue unless it is a great distance. Stairs still scare me but I can go up and down them, where that was not at all possible three years ago. My hips don’t bother me much. I do a few streaches to help realign them. I believe as this happens L4 will fall back into it’s correct position.

This has been a real journey of healing for me. Am I 100% no, not yet but I absolutely believe I will be. I’ve said this before, everything on this planet is connected. The plants and crystals are here to keep us well. Crystals work for us on all levels of our being, not as quickly as OTC or prescription medicines but they are natural and they have no side effects that will hurt you. I measure my daily success by my need to take an herbal remedy for pain. I didn’t need anything today.

Today was a Win!!

Have a great week everyone

Blessed Be

I must say this to protect myself, this is not an endorsement of chucking the Allopathic medical system out the window nor am I saying never seek medical attention again. If you have an issue seek help, but do your reseach.

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