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Good Morning Everyone!

Family has always been important to me. I love having family around. I love a multi-generational home. There is so much to be gained by several generations living together. Strong family ties build strong people. Family comes first; period!! Family are the people you share a blood bond with as well as the friends that you couldn’t imagine not having in your life.  

I was reminded today of how important these bonds are. My sister and I went to visit a cousin from our Fathers side of the family. [to protect his privacy I won’t tell you his name] We had not seen him in a very long time. Both of us lived outside the state for years and lost track of many of our cousins. But really that is no excuse, there are these wonderful contraptions called phones and computers!! 

The people that are in our lives are not there by accident. We planned these relationships. Whether for a short time or a life time that connection of learning and love exists. These are relationships that should not be left to a list of shallow excuses. I would take a bullet for anyone of the people in my family and anyone that causes harm to someone in my family, well it wouldn’t be pretty!  

The parents tied to my Father’s side of the family [Dad and his four sisters] have all gone home. So we, the 17 remaining cousins, are all that’s left of this branch of our Family. It’s sad how life gets in the way sometimes. No that’s not true, it’s not sad. It’s shameful!! When the reality hits that all my cousins have married and have children and grandchildren I have never met, I feel horrible, I could be coming into contact with family everyday and not know it; I could be working next to a family member and not know it!! That is beyond unacceptable to me. 

My brother, sister and myself are among the youngest of the group of cousins. If connections are going to be re-established it needs to be soon. The stories and the history of our family can not be lost to neglect. I had been talking to my sister for a while about having a cousin reunion and we discussed this while visiting with our cousin and set a date! That’s a start 🙂

Don’t take the precious people who matter to you for granted. Don’t let time pass and connections get lost in the mire of life. We are only as strong as the connections to those we love. Even if it’s only a few people, a single parent with a small group of friends, don’t lose those ties of love. 

 Have a wonderful week everyone 

Blessed Be

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