What am I here for?

What am I here for


…everything on earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission.  This is the Indian Theory of existence.  

~Mourning Dove Salish


The question “What am I here for?” It is something that everyone asks. It is a question that begins to poke it’s head up when we begin to be self-aware. That self-awareness point is different for everyone, but by the time the teenage years hit most everyone has asked this question of themselves at least once. The answer is of course simple and complicated.

The simple aspect is this:

You know that strong desire in your pit of your stomach. That dream that will not go away. The “I would love to do that” that sits in your soul. Well that is what you are here for. Whatever THAT is for you. If the strong desire, the dream, the “I would love to do that” has been with you for as long as you remember then this is your Life Path, your Life’s Purpose. It is what you are here to do. Simple right? Well this is where it gets complicated.

The complicated aspect is this:

Life happens. People happen. Generational beliefs happen. Those are three huge and vague and obvious statements that make a Life’s Purpose dead end. I will try to expand on them a bit for you.

Life happens. I think that this is possibly the dead end that happens most. Amongst the chaos of everyday life we just get too busy to focus on the dream that is our Life Purpose. It simply gets lost in the hustle and bustle of the job, the kids, the bills, the friends, the relatives and for lack of attention, it sits in a dark corner of the soul and dies. Occasionally a little light may shine on it when the “I always wanted to” thought happens but it is quickly brushed aside when the phone rings or whatever.

People Happen. This one, I think, is the most heart breaking. Sometimes well meaning people can kill a Life Purpose with a few thoughtless words. “Your not good enough” or “You can’t do that” Perhaps you have spoken those awful words to someone yourself without realizing what you had done.This is what happened to me and it stopped me cold for a vey long time. Without support dreams die, you stop believing that the dream is possible. But, that is the key right there. You have to believe in yourself even if you are the only one that does! It is your Life Purpose. Your mission. Your path. It can not be compared to anyone else’s. There are millions of people out there with the same Life Purpose but everyone of them is different from you because the dream is unique to everyone. The desire was given to you because there are people that only you will resonate with. So never give up on yourself. There are no time limits involved. You don’t have to achieve success by the time you are thirty. You just have to keep trying no matter what.

Generational Beliefs. This can be summed up in one statement. “That doesn’t happen to people like us” I have actually heard people speak these words!  It is so sad to me that children grow up hearing that they can never rise above the status quo because “That kind of thing doesn’t happen” This is a very difficult belief system to over come because it is drilled into the brain of one generation after another that you will never be more than what we are right now. That simply isn’t so!! If you want it so bad that the thought of giving up is painful, keep trying!!

These are three massive obstacles but they are not so big that they can’t be overcome. The key is to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve. Remember that thoughts become reality. So what you focus your attention on is what will be. It will take time and work but believe you can make it happen. Everyone has those days where it is difficult to stay positive but never stop working to make your life exactly what you want it to be. Even a tiny step forward is moving forward!!

Carry a piece of Aventurine and Carnelian with you. Aventurine is a stone of luck. It will assist in bringing the things and people to you that you need to make your Life Purpose, your dream a reality.  Carnelian will help you stay positive. Carry them in your left pocket or in a piece of jewelry. They will help you reach your goal.

Don’t forget to call on your Guardian angel and spirit Guides!! They are waiting for you to ask for help.

Good luck, see you next week 🙂






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