Welcome to Element mind body spirit. I began this site several years ago as a way to share things that interest me and connect with like-minded people. It is the people we connect with in our lives that shape who we are as well as who we become.

In my 64+ years traveling through this lifetime I’ve discovered several things about myself. I have always been a very creative person. I can remember sitting on the floor at the coffee table for hours drawing and writing stories. As I grew older a connection to the divine grew within me. As a result I was drawn to Tarot and Numerology, and have spent 30+years growing my skills.

Through the nudge of my spirit guides I discovered my love for the earth and share this love by writing posts about what I’ve learned in my research of crystals, minerals and their spiritual healing abilities. A couple years ago my guides encouraged me to begin making incense. I knew nothing about what was involved in the process so I did a great deal of research then took the leap. It’s a process I enjoy very much. Right now I have 11 unique scents offered for sale. You can find them on my shop page. In time I will be expanding my scents into perfumes, soaps and lotions.

This is who I am, the passions that drive me which I will share with you and a few other things I have learned along the way.

Blessed Be  Sharon